Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Daisies!

The Pink Shabby Daisy is shown above.

The daisies above are new additions this year.  The Purple Majesty Daisy, The Baby Yellow Daisy, The Hot Pink Daisy, The Orange Sunburst Daisy and the Blue Topaz Daisy.  They are shown with headbands and crochet caps which is just a really fun combination.

The White Shabby above and Orange Gerber Daisy below.

From the center top and moving clockwise:  The Yellow Gerber Daisy, The Orange Gerber Daisy, The Pink Gerber Daisy, The White Shabby Daisy, The Lavender Gerber Daisy, The White Gerber Daisy and in the Center the Fireburst Daisy

The Daisy Collection

 The Daisy Collection is perfect for Spring.  They can be clipped into headbands or crochet beanies.  They also can be clipped directly into the hair.  They are attached in the back with grosgrain ribbon and a salon care double prong metal clip with non-slip grip.

$6.50 each


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