Monday, June 28, 2010

A Rose Is Not Just A Rose...The Rose Collection

 The Sarah Roses

These are the roses pictured in the photo above.  These are very large and gorgeous and have a lot of variation in their hues.  They are available in orange, blue and true rose.


The Teacup Roses 

The Teacup Roses are beautiful and full.  I call them teacup roses because they stand taller than the rest of the roses in this collection.  They are 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall which resembles to me, the shape of a teacup.  Available in purple, orange, rose, ivory and deep red,



The Silks

The Silks are so incredibly soft and lush.  They feel like you are holding a true rose in your hands.  Gorgeous and full, they are the closest to reality that you will ever find.  Available in white, orange, peach and pink.


A Rose Is Not Just A Rose

The Rose Collection is a set of 3 styles of roses.  Each style has its own unique shape and feel.  They are exquisitely made and come in a gorgeous array of colors.  They are five inches wide.

$12.00 each

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